Being a Shemale Pornstar – What It Really Takes

The story behind all the glitz and glamour, and how to really climb to the top. That is what this article is really about. We took the time and went through a lot of interviews and bios of some of the most sought-after shemale and trans pornstars. We admit some time was spent enjoying the content on shemale Snapchat accounts, but there was also some hard-hitting journalism involved.

Hopefully, the end product, that this article will shine a light on what the climb to the top is really like. You will recognize some of the names from our list and get to hear bits from their lives. So, sit back and start your journey to understanding what it takes to make it in the world of Shemale porn.

Some of the backstories...

The background is very diverse for most of the trans ladies ruling the porn scene at the moment. So here are some of the beginnings of your favorite girls. For example, Bailey Jay was just fifteen when she started her transition. And you might have noticed that her face, breasts, and entire body look exceptionally feminine, however, she has not yet decided to do the gender reassignment surgery. When asked about this, Miss Jay stated the following – “Tbh I only want a vagina when I wanna go out in yoga pants and not look like David Bowie in The Labyrinth from the waist down”.

On the other hand, Aspen Brooks had the following to say regarding her start - "I randomly started following porn stars on Twitter and they noticed that I was a very naturally feminine trans girl. They started messaging me, and before I knew it, I had so many contacts in the adult industry. My original plan was to become a makeup artist and hairstylist to the stars, but I eventually decided to work up the nerve (but not overstep my boundaries as a friend) to ask them about potentially working in the industry. My good friend (who has been my co-star multiple times) @JaxtonWheeler got me set up with Nica Noelle from TransSensual, and a month later I flew off to my first scene."

This list needs one of the biggest names, TS Sarina Valentina who had her first professional porn production for the very prominent Grooby Girls. However, she was not yet sure that she wants to be a porn star, so she decided to take a step back from the industry despite the fact that her collaboration was so successful. But luckily for us and the entire adult entertainment industry, she decided to give it another try and came back in 2010. She now looks better than ever and can be seen in some of the biggest trans productions out there.

Finally, you may be surprised to hear that, despite her confident stage presence, TS Foxxy did not begin to fully understand and embrace her true gender identity until was 17 years old. As Foxxy herself explained within her Adult DVD Talk interview - "I just didn’t understand why I thought girls were pretty yet boys turned me on sexually. I was always a feminine boy into my appearance, hygiene, health, and fitness but didn’t think it was because deep inside I associated and related my thoughts as an average girl would…."

Now on to what the industry requires from these girls

TS Foxxy had the following to say regarding her way to the top - “During the 4 years of working in the lounge, I was approached by a few webmasters and photographers in the adult industry during the Adult Video Network Expo (AVN) and was encouraged to do some nude/solo modeling. curious and eager to get me the most exposure and new opportunities as a young transsexual, I gave it a shot. not knowing if I would enjoy it or how far I would get, 8 years later I am one of the biggest names in transsexual porn and slowly crossing over to more mainstream projects. I thank you all for following me along the journey and supporting me on becoming an iconic legend in my world. with your love and help, we shall continue to be on top!”.

The fact of the matter is that the community is supportive if you get lucky to meet the right girls. But you still need to watch your back, like in any other industry, and be careful who you trust. For example, Mia Isabella starred alongside Yasmin Lee and Kayla Coxx in some of her first scenes. At the age of twenty-one, she took a two-year break from the adult entertainment industry. The time she took was used very wisely, she made sure she perfected her looks – Mia had facial feminization surgery done and an additional boob job to fix some imperfections from the first one. That way she was able to further her career and her comeback was one of the biggest in the adult entertainment industry had ever seen.

These ladies can do it all

These girls are very versatile, and apart from making porn, they make it a point to maintain a high social media following making their Snapchat accounts one of the most coveted for subscribers. Just think, Bailey Jay unveiled her very own virtual reality porn site in collaboration with SMC Network. This hi-tech solo site enables fans to share some intensely immersive sex scenes with their favorite TS girl. As she, herself put it -“Hook up with me in VR it and it will be like you are right next to me. It will be as if I am feeling you, touching you, whispering in your ear…”. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The lovely TS Foxxy is an ardent advocate of LGBT+ rights, Foxxy has often taken the time to draw attention towards important transgender issues during her interviews and radio talk show appearances. One of her most quoted statement is about choosing partners in productions - "Hypocrites that are stupid and think that we all don’t have sex on film with multiple tested partners for money regardless of sex or preference. It’s a freakin job in the sex industry lol... geez that’s one thing that bothers me about the industry is fools who think a "straight" man can and should only film with females yet females can film with other females who are bisexual, have multiple men bang them at the same time, do cream pies, yet a single male is ridiculed and blacklisted because he films TS porn that doesn’t do have the stuff the "straight" industry does on film?...

Hopefully, you are now able to understand these lovely ladies a bit better and enjoy their skills and talent on a deeper level.