Find Out What Your Favourite Premium Snapchat Stars Have Been up to

It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the adult stars on Snapchat, and you end up missing out on some great content along the way. This is why we thought it was important to ensure that you have the latest on your favorite names in the industry.

With OnlyFans banning a lot of the accounts, due to sexually explicit content, Premium Snapchat will be the place to go to get close and personal to your favorite adult stars. But which ones to choose.

Well, we did the work for you, here are some of the best ones that produce rich content and are happy to entertain their fans in every way possible. 

Riley Reid is still the most popular girl out there

The fact of the matter is that no one can imagine what the porn industry would be like if the magnificent Riley Reid hadn’t shown up. And yes we love her videos that are so often featured on porn platforms, but that simply won’t cut it. Her fans want and need more. This lady was able to pay $4.8M for a mansion after making $570K a month on OnlyFans. And now that this is changing, the Riley Reid Snapchat account is going to be even more on fire and it should not be missed especially if you are a true fan wanting that little bit of extra action from this sassy seductress.

And in case you have forgotten how great this lady is here are just some of the reminders - Reid, who went to Florida International University to major in psychology, wanted to become a teacher. She started her career young as an adult dancer in clubs. It was at the age of 19 that she ventured into the adult film industry in 2011. Under the name Paige Riley, the actress had started off as an extra for \'In the VIP\' from Reality Kings. Since then she has won the PornHub\'s Female Performer of the Year twice: first in 2014, the same year she won every XBIZ Awards she was nominated for, and again in 2015. Reid has also been one of the most prolific collaborators with producers and actors alike in the adult film industry.

Lisa Ann is still very relevant

We think that this lady needs no introduction. She is an industry veteran who has reigned supreme for many years. Of course, you know who we are talking about. It is the one and only Lisa Ann. She is a stunner who knows how to work her magic both on and off-screen, and if you haven’t heard about her yet, we suggest you get acquainted and fast!

Lisa became an international sensation with the release of her 2008 film Who\'s Nailin\' Paylin?, in which she satirized Republican politician Sarah Palin, before leaving the industry six years later. However, back in 2018, she briefly returned to porn. She told LADbible: "I did go back for a quick 15 months. "And I stayed head down, focused, went back, produce my own movies, which has been great because it\'s more content for me to recycle on other platforms and use for my website.

"I worked for a couple of other companies as well, but I had a number in mind."

Lisa\'s final scenes saw her enter the world of virtual reality for studio WetVR, after which she upped sticks and moved to the other side of the country to start a new life.

This does not mean that the Lisa Ann Snapchat account lacks entertainment. On the contrary, she still knows how to make her fans happy and she is still the ever-gorgeous and hot lady that she has always been. 

And believe it or not - Rocco Siffredi and Lisa Ann are the stars of a series of mainstream Turkish commercials and educational spots sponsored by condom brand Durex Chill.

The videos, which can also be seen on the DurexTurkiye YouTube channel, use the international adult stars as spokespersons to emphasize a message that commercial porn is a performance and not necessarily what people can expect from sex in their personal lives.

Lana Rhoades is always a must

Miss Lana Rhoades, the name definitely rings a bell, doesn’t it? Well, if you know even a bit about porn you must have heard about this young hot, and steamy porn star. But what you might not have known is that there is so much more to discover about her apart from what you can get from Lana Rhoades videos on porn platforms. 

And the best part is Lana, herself, is more than willing to share it all on her Lana Rhoades Snapchat account, all you need to do is add it to your list of adult industry celebrities to follow, and you will be granted access to a substantial amount of uncensored videos meant for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s be clear, she might not be active in the industry but she also has a very successful OnlyFans account that is about to migrate as the platform closes this part of their offer. Lana is now a multi-millionaire thanks to her skills in front of the camera. When asked if she believes her current success on social media is down to her previous career in porn, Rhoades admitted: "You never know. I\'m kind of, like, the blueprint for how to get out of porn. And so that\'s what I tell girls - it\'s social media.

"That\'s how I got out. I started posting on Instagram every day and hustled. I blew up my Instagram, that\'s actually what blew me up to be number one PornHub - I was not number one before I quit porn."

Due to her hard work on social media, Rhoades can now earn a whopping $30,000 per post on her Instagram page, while also having more than 25,000 subscribers to her $5.99 a month OnlyFans accounts. So you know her Snapchat is going to get even hotter.

We hope that we have reminded you why you should be following these amazing ladies on Premium Snapchat, and there are more great names coming your way for sure. The key is knowing who is worth your time and money, and in that respect, we hope we helped.