Find out What Makes Lesbian Porn So Popular

There is no question that lesbian porn dominates with both, ladies and gentlemen. It is the single most popular niche, and the numbers don’t lie. According to PornHub numbers ‘Lesbian’ has been the most viewed category in the United States for several years, but in 2019 it also shot up 15 positions to become the number one search term.

So, it comes as no surprise that lesbian Snapchat usernames are in high demand as well. And we wanted to find out the reason behind such interest. We had our team do some detailed research to come up with valid reasons to explain what makes lesbian porn so popular.

The psychology behind it

The first thing to answer is why is lesbian porn so appealing to straight women? While men tend to be visually stimulated and are eager to watch the good old in-out action, women are turned on by touch, sensuality, intimacy, chemistry, and emotional connection. These ingredients are rare in most porn where a guy meets a girl and the next thing you know, they’re already moaning and breathing heavily- a total non-sequitur.

Lesbian porn comes to the rescue by focusing more on what women want. These clips tend to be longer, with extended foreplays, lots of touching and caressing, and sensuality. They also tend to have a narrative component to them that is oft-lacking in straight porn. And it covers all the major needs of women for much higher levels of sensuality and pleasure.

Add to this the fact that only about 25% of women achieve orgasm during the act of sexual intercourse. This statistic was pulled up from a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies over the past 80 years. This means that the clitoral orgasms are far more regular, thus lesbian porn covers the need for that quite thoroughly. This is substantiated by their searches as evident from the PornHub statistics - interestingly, women were also more interested in “ebony lesbians eating pussy” (906 percent higher than men); “lesbian squirt” (321 percent higher); and “lesbian strap-on” (272 percent). Women are also 369 percent more likely to search “pussy licking” than men are. And perhaps unsurprisingly, women are 218 percent more likely to search “female-friendly.”

The fun part

A very interesting part of what makes this particular porn so special is that it actually helps queer and bisexual women to learn about their sexuality. It is a type of guide for discovering what we want and like while at the same time providing us with stimulation and pleasurable activities. Many bi women discovered—either by accident or through deliberately looking for it—lesbian porn in their teens or early adult years and through it came to understand something about their own sexuality.

Not only is the appeal of lesbian porn a part of many bisexual women’s journey to self-acceptance, but it also helps many of us learn more about the different ways in which sex between women can actually work. Of course, pornography is not sex education, or should it be used as a substitute for such. But as we start exploring our bodies, we get to experience different sensations. And precisely because lesbian porn is far more sensual and focused on touch and forelay does it incentivize the viewer to treat their bodies in much of the same way.

It also encourages a fantasy scenario

Lesbian porn permits straight women to imagine what it might be like to be with another woman, even if they consider themselves on the strictly heterosexual end of the Kinsey scale. For them, lesbian pornography is purely a fantasy, not a desire they want to act on.

Interestingly enough, many straight women say that the fantasy of being with another woman is hot to them, even though they wouldn’t want to actually act on it in reality and therefore still consider themselves to be straight. Others say that they enjoy the focus on sex acts beyond the penis-in-vagina intercourse and blowjobs that tend to dominate heterosexual porn. In other words: women like porn where female pleasure is a big focus. But men also seem to like porn where female pleasure is in focus, this is precisely why lesbian porn is popular with almost all porn viewers.

Finally, it is a unifying category in porn

Everyone likes watching lesbian porn, and it is simply not considered to be a taboo niche. This means that most people are comfortable watching it, talking about it, and interacting with other viewers. You can see that by the number of fans on lesbian Snapchat usernames.

Lesbian clips also satiate men’s desire for novelty and numbers with regards to their sexual partners. The Coolidge effect in evolutionary biology states that males are aroused when they get a chance to copulate with new females. In lesbian porn, men can imagine themselves having sex with two beautiful women instead of just one.

We need to keep in mind that identification is very important when it comes to the popularity of porn clips. If people can’t identify with one of the actors on screen, they may not wholly enjoy their porn-viewing experience. And that is precisely why lesbian porn unifies. Men satiate their desire to see female pleasure, and women get the sensuality and foreplay that makes them enjoy porn more.

So, there you have it, we hope that we have provided a sufficient number of reasons why lesbian porn is so popular with, well, everyone. It has so many positive traits and is actually the best possible niche to start your porn watching with.