Here is The Latest News You Didn’t Know You Needed from the Porn Industry

The one industry that has not been as affected by the current world turmoil is the adult entertainment industry. There is no lack of fresh content both on porn platforms and social media. With adult Snapchat accounts leading the way with fresh and steamy snaps and shares. These stars know what their fans want and with social distancing, in place, they still found the way to make their follower’s dreams a reality.

Here is the latest from the porn industry, enjoy!

The latest interview from Adriana Chechik

The name itself is enough to make you stand and salute. Miss Chechik has given an in-depth interview regarding her personal life. She started the interview with 'I believe in myself so much' that is quite a statement, but with the way, this lady looks it comes as no surprise.

Adriana Chechik is known as "BratNasty" is either pushing her sexual limits on camera or quenching her wanderlust. This can be seen from her many travels. We saw her hung off the edge of Victoria Falls—one of the largest waterfalls in the world at 360 feet high—in Zambia and stand within 40 feet of white rhinos on the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in Kruger National Park in South Africa in the fall. That is quite an experience and we know this lady is brave.

But when asked about it, Adriana Chechik had the following to say - "Oh my gosh I love it—I love traveling," "It’s like I feel even crazier now that we’re stuck in quarantine because for me the breaking point was when they shut off Europe."

Let’s be honest, Adriana Chechik’s resume of sexual feats includes just about anything and everything that has been ever been done on camera but she is not nearly done - "I think pretty much every experience in life molds people, so I think I’m no exception to that,". "I learned very early on and this is why I also think I’m bratty—is that you don’t have to do what people tell you you have to do."

Couples-Themed Doc 'She Wants Him' is being released by Adult Time

So, a new documentary-style production seeking to capture authentic chemistry between some of the adult's top female talent and the male partners of their choosing. Are you intrigued yet? We know we are, and very much so.

Adult Time chief creative officer Bree Mills had the following to say regarding this particular release - "I asked three female performers we regularly work with to choose a male partner they have really strong emotional chemistry with and then we shot a candid interview and sex scene with each of them—paying equal visibility to how both partners are feeling," "The results are really beautiful!" And we have no doubt that watching this documentary-style production is going to lead to a lot of happy endings. After all, it is a lady’s choice, and when they are happy and into it you can see the heat coming off the screen. So, we can’t wait to check out this new release.

'Rocco's Game of Whores' – a new release from Evil Angel – yes you want it

The release is described very simply as - porn icon Rocco Siffredi stages a lavish showdown between ingénue and anal queen in new release Rocco's Game of Whores – and to be honest what more can you want from a description. This particular production features one of the biggest porn legends of all time and he alone is worth your time.

When it comes to his costars, we know that the movie features Italian newcomer Martina Smeraldi and hardcore luminary Malena in what a company announcement calls "a three-round backdoor title bout." Hopefully, this content has tickled your fancy enough for you to start checking out at least their Snapchat profiles. Just to get the idea of what to expect. Martina Smeraldi, a 19-year-old Sicilian beauty, is a fresh face in porn but she is getting noticed more and more. Evil Angel founder John Stagliano had the following to say - "Anything with Martina, the 19-year-old from Sardinia, is amazing to see."

So there you have it, you are all caught up with the latest news from the adult entertainment industry, and we hope that you will go out and get your hands on some of these amazing releases – but before you leave just check out some of the adult Snapchat accounts so as to get familiar with some of the names in this list. You are bound to like what you see, after all, pornstars know what their fans want, and they are very much interested in sharing it with them.