Instagram Deletes 1,200 Profiles of Adult Actors – Luckily Snapchat is Still Here

After Instagram has deleted over 1,200 accounts of adult entertainment industry stars and workers. And this came as a serious shock. Instagram claims that this was due to infringement of the existing guidelines that do not allow “photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks. It also includes some photos of female nipples.”. However, the problem is that some of the profiles that have been deleted do not have any nudity, and an even bigger issue is the very clear double standards if we observe what A-listers are posting. Luckily platforms such as Snapchat still enable adult industry entertainers to have free and open interaction with their fans.

What are those double standards that porn stars are complaining about?

As BBC reports, “Performers say their posts are subject to a double-standard and that similar images posted by users who aren't in the porn industry are allowed to remain on the platform without scrutiny.“. This is very much the case especially when it comes to some of the leading influencers like Dan Bilzerian whose photo of him using a naked woman as a table to rest his trophy has not been censored nor was his Instagram account deleted. A lot of A list celebrities have posted very raunchy photos that are in clear violation of Instagram guidelines, but it appears that this social media platform targeted only the adult industry, entertainers. This has led to some major protests from porn stars whose accounts have been deleted.

The whole “purity” image has started a few months earlier. In 2019 both Facebook and Instagram banned the use of 'sexual emojis' including the eggplant, peach and water drips when they're used to represent sexual content. Now, these emojis can’t even be sued to cover exposed body parts.

It’s time for Snapchat!

Yes, it is. You can still get all the content you need from your favorite porn stars via Snapchat. All you have to do is find their Snapchat usernames and start following them. Adult industry entertainers know exactly what their fans want and need, and they are perfectly comfortable sharing such content. And, in all honesty, Instagram is probably the one losing with such decisions. Not only are they clearly demonstrating a double standard that treats porn stars as celebrities of a lesser order, although their number of followers tells a different story. Luckily not all social media platforms are so close-minded. And Snapchat is providing the ideal alternative, well, right now, the only alternative for these sought-after adult industry entertainers. And they are going to make the most out of it, so check out a list of adult Snapchat usernames and make sure you follow all of your favorites, that is the only way to get a glimpse of their world behind the cameras. Some quality unscripted content is far better and more inspiring.

Getting used to the change

Yes, we have our habits, even when it comes to social media. We tend to use specific platforms that we prefer. But what to do when the content you want is no longer available. Well, switch to another platform. Yes, Snapchat has a different format, short videos that disappear after 24 hours. This means that you need to check in regularly in order to get the content you want, otherwise it will quickly disappear. Yes, it is a bit different than revisiting Instagram posts, but it is definitely more entertaining, and you get a bit of rush knowing that if you don’t get to see it today it will disappear.

So, support your favorite adult industry stars by tracking down their Snapchat usernames and following them on this particular platform. And in return, they are fighting the good battle and suing Instagram for implementing clearly visible double standards which is not the publicity a social media platform needs. Luckily, despite these 1,200 profiles got deleted, you can still get your daily refill of hot and steamy content from your favorite porn stars on Snapchat. Hurry up and join this platform, or, if you already have an account add new usernames and don’t miss a second of the fun and inspiring content.