Snapchat Might Be Best Positioned for the Coronavirus Outbreak – Here is Why

With so much information being thrown at us on different social media platforms, it can get quite overwhelming. Yes, there is a worldwide health crisis, and everyone is panicking, but that does not mean that sharing misinformation and trying to push personal opinions as official ones is ok.

What we need is to be able to sift through all of the inputs and see which are relevant to us. And this is where Snapchat comes in. It is thanks to the platform’s disappearing messages that it is actually optimized for private conversations. That means that there’s no central news feed of content generated by users outside of one’s personal network. And the best part is that its Discover tab is full of news from curated sources, including Snapchat-specific content. So you will get a limited amount of information from sources you trust instead of being bombarded from all sides with unchecked facts and paranoia.

What this actually means is that even if there is a certain degree of misinformation on Snapchat, it does not tend to reach a broad audience. So not only are you getting information regarding the current situation from a reliable source, but also limiting the background noise that just might stress you out.

What other benefits does this social media harbor?

Jennifer Stout, VP of policy for Snap gave an interview to Adweek where she stated the following - “We’ve worked hard to design Snapchat differently from traditional media, for example, rather than building an open feed where unvetted content can go viral, we offer a curated portal for professional media publishers, many of whom are covering coronavirus. Additionally, in partnership with trusted public health voices like the World Health Organization, we have created filters that we expect will be seen by millions of people to raise awareness on how to stay safe.”

This is an essential piece of information, and it makes Snapchat users feel safe and protected, knowing that the information they are receiving via this social media platform is verified up to a certain degree, and, at this moment, it is all we can hope for. But Snapchat did not stop there. Several days ago this platform partnered with the World Health Organization this lead to the introduction of a special filter that has five safety tips and guidelines—” Wash hands frequently” “Don’t touch your face”, “Feeling sick? Stay home!”, “Practice social distancing” and “Cover your cough.” With an additional feature enabling users to swipe up on a filter for more WHO information. Now that is definitely something relevant.

The shift in communication habits

Snapchat has one more thing up their sleeve, and they are paying close attention to the way both Millennials and Gen Zs are communicating at present. So for example, one term has really stood out, and it is “coronacation,” a neologism defined by the Urban Dictionary as the “Travel ban being enforced from companies, schools, government, etc. due to the coronavirus that’s forcing people to stay home and/or telework.”

Another interesting fact is that a lot of people on Snapchat are not focusing on the negative news but rather on helping each other by providing useful information on where to get hand sanitizer and loves, or even discussing canceled sports events.

There is also the booming porn option. Snapchat users that share adult content on Snapchat are making sure that their fans are happy and inspired during these difficult times. So, you might want to check our Celebrity Discover lists of Snapchat usernames and find ones that interest you the most. There is no use of letting quality content go to waste, after all, we are all stuck in our homes, why not make some good use of it.

Social distancing is not easy, and a lot of people are finding it difficult to manage. Luckily, having access to the right social media platforms, one that will provide comfort and trusted information, can help with the situation significantly. So instead of worrying and being terrified, you can focus on constructive discussions, finding ways to help others, and improving the general outlook on things.

And, while Snapchat might not be the first platform most people turn to for news, it might be the most reliable social network right now. That is something worth considering. Say, safe, everyone!