Snapchat is Adapting to New Normal, and We Have the Scoop

Snapchat is known for its fast response and adaptability, and the steps that they have taken during the time of this world health crisis come as no surprise. It is all about their users and making them feel more comfortable and safer.

So, let’s check out what Snapchat has been doing lately.

New Snapchat lenses created to encourage social distancing

Did you know that Snapchat has reportedly worked with the World Health Organization to create new Snapchat lenses to help encourage social distancing and good practices during the coronavirus crisis?

And the results were amazing – so the first one has the WHO-approved tips overlaid onto the user's image, informing users not to touch their face, cover all coughs with the crook of an arm, and stay at home. And the second one, called "My Social Distance", simply places an AR representation on the group of the minimum distance users should be from each other. If you use it while walking around, you will be able to see when others are too close.

Both of these are meant to help you navigate once you are out and about in the time of Covid-19, and they can come in quite useful if you need to know whether or not you are using the proper distancing prescribed when interacting with other people.

Snapchat focused on sharing of correct rather than fake information

Recently Snap Inc announced other COVID-19 measures - "We launched creative tools to help Snapchatters share expert-approved best practices with their friends and family members, including a worldwide filter with advice to our community on how to stay safe. This information is sourced from the World Health Organization, and links to its website for more info," "We offer trusted content. Our content platform, Discover, is curated, and we work closely with only a select set of partners, including some of the most trusted news organizations around the world."

So, as you can see, Snapchat is all about helping you stay safe during these hard times, but wait, there is definitely a bit more.

Snapchat's new “Here for You” mental health tool

Snapchat is aware that the current situation can weigh on their users, and that social distancing and increased health risks can put their users in danger. That is why they have put out Here for Your health mental health tool, and this is how it works.

“Here For You” is designed to show "safety resources" from mental health experts - including local experts - when you search for certain topics, such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts, and bullying. There is a COVID-19-specific topic, for instance, complete with information from the Ad Council, the World Health Organization, the CDC, Crisis Text Line, the NHS, and others.

The company has partnered up with mental care experts to create content specifically related to coronavirus. They are making sure their users get the best possible help in dealing with the new normal and the effects of the pandemic.

There is more content than ever on Snapchat

With social distancing and lack of interaction, more and more people have reduced their contact to social media. With Snapchat leading the way. But this does not only apply to everyday fold, celebrities and pornstars alike are using this platform to stay in touch with their fans and followers. This came as great news for adult industry lovers.

You can now get more content than ever from adult Snapchat accounts; all you need to do is start following them. Yes, the porn industry is doing its best to come up with fresh content with all the social distancing rules that are currently valid, but nothing can replace direct communication with the pornstars of your choice, and as it happens, most of the are on Snapchat.

You can locate them by checking the CelebrityDiscover adult category. All the lists of pornstars with Snapchat accounts are there, and you can add whichever ones you want free of charge. It would be a shame to miss out on all the quality adult content that this platform has to offer, especially now when all the contact is limited to online and social media options. After all, we all need our happy ending, don’t we?

Out of all social media platforms, it would seem that Snapchat is the best prepared for this new normal we are living in. With all the new features that are ensuring not only customer satisfaction but also their safety during these troubling times.

Stay tuned from more Snapchat related news.