The Tectonic Shift in Porn Industry Brought on by the Pandemic

Let’s face it, and the ‘new normal’ has hit every major industry, and porn is not different. The need to protect the employees and follow the safety and health guidelines have significantly affected the porn industry as we know it. But the major changes are yet to come

It is all about the changing format. As you know, the adult Snapchat option has already done a lot when it comes to changing the format and allowing pornstars to interact with their fans and followers in a completely intimate and unique way. One that is not scripted, nor is it produced. And that was just the first step the changes brought on by the pandemic are taking this format even further, and we are seeing a major shift in content in the porn industry.

What is rolling behind the hill?

A long-time industry insider, Kevin Blatt, puts it best - “Cam sites and tubes are absolutely proving that porn is 100 percent recession-proof.” And that is exactly what we have been seeing more and more of. There is a huge shift in the format, and more and more performers are seeing that there are other ways to showcase their work. But what does this mean for the industry?

According to Jacky St. James, one of adult entertainment’s leading feminist directors, the pandemic has been very hard on the non-performers, so the people behind the camera who cannot use the different media available to earn a living while we wait out the current situation. “It’s been tough for me, particularly. I‘ve had to be innovative and creative. I started an OnlyFans account, but the appeal of following me is that I’m just providing knowledge about the industry. I’m not showing any nudity or any adult films on my site, so I don’t have a big following, but fortunately, it helps me pay the bills,” says St. James.

This is just here, pornstars, especially female trans and gay are happy to use OnlyFans accounts, or Premium Snapchat accounts to interact, share their very hot videos, and earn a living by doing so. If you just drop by Bailey Jay Snapchat or Cherie Deville Snapchat accounts, you will see the quality of the content they share and how immersed they are when it comes to sharing anything and everything with fans. And the scenes shot for OnlyFans are getting hotter than ever. Simply put, adult entertainers are taking matters into their own hands (pun intended).

The major consequences of such content form change

Performers have started to deep production companies and directors non-essential for their success, given that they are currently generating all the content on their own and getting money directly from fans. However, there is something else that needs to be taken into consideration as Jacky St. James points out - “Production companies get people’s faces out there, they help grow people’s popularity. On the other side of that, when someone comes to shoot with me, they walk away with guaranteed money, and with OnlyFans, you don’t know what you’re making unless you’re in that top tier.” And this is a fact. Most well-known pornstars can command big box and exclusive memberships while struggling beginners need to do a lot to get their name out there, so maybe, after all this passes there will still be room for the old approach, with some major overhauls, of course, and that comes in the form of airing out dirty laundry.

The lawsuits and the charges the biggest names in porn are currently facing - just three years after allegations of sexual assault brought down James Deen, and Ron Jeremy, arguably the most iconic male performers of their generations, new alarms are being raised among female performers. And the reason why is the freedom that taking your career into your hands is bringing to the table.

Not chained down by studious and treated by getting fired, more and more female adult entertainers are stepping forward and raining hell on the industry that has mistreated them. This means even more charges are yet to come. The financial independence has encouraged a lot of ladies to share their experiences and stories, this can lead to a huge shift in the treatment of performers around the industry and provide a much better bargaining position for them.

Where do we go from here?

There is no doubt that the porn industry will survive this and come out on top. We can see it now with all the content being shared, just check our adult Snapchat and what amazing content adult entertainers share daily. As long as there are channels through which they can easily reach fans, interact with them, and get paid by them, these performers will be in great shape. They are not shy; they know what their fans want and need, and they do their best to provide it.

We are also seeing a rise in cam girls and boys that are paving the way for a new format of adult entertainment, not to mention all the VR stuff currently happening in porn. As one of the oldest crafts on the planet, there are no worries regarding its survival. But there is also no doubt that things are about to change, and if you ask performers, they are about to change for the better.

As long as we are getting the content, we crave we can say that we are more than happy about it. So, bring it, the more versatile it is better, and we are definitely not complaining if performers get better treatment and earn more money. Like with every other aspect of society, the porn industry needs consumers to stay afloat, and if there are new ways of keeping them interested and coming back, why not use them. Health should always be the first priority, and with the methods currently employed, it is bound to show some great results.

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