Want to See Your Snapchat Year in Review? Here’s How!

With the holiday season and end of yet another year approaching a lot faster than you might like. There are a lot of emotions that come to the surface. This year, like many before it has brought you a lot of great memories, and some not so great, but still it has made a mark, and there are definitely things you want to remember. As of December 13th, Snapchat has brought back the Year in Review, one of the most beloved and eagerly awaited features. And if you are not sure where to find it, here are the directions so that you have enough time to get the nostalgia for 2019 going before 2020 just strolls in.

Let’s start!

Much like each year before with the Snapchat's year-end story, your 2019 video will show all of your favorite Snaps wrapped up into one cool and fun story. But you do need to hurry up as this will be available for a limited time only. We don’t know exactly how long, but it would be wise to get the story sooner rather than later. Now, in order to get access to your year in review story, you need to open your Snapchat account and go to the Memories section. Once you are in the Memories tab, there should be "A Look Back at 2019" at the very top of your “Snaps” section.

You should know that there is a genuine chance that you don’t get your Year in Review feature, this is because according to the Fast Company, Snapchat only create them for people who have enough saved Snaps in their Memories section for 2019. However, there's no specific minimum number of Snaps you need to get for your 2019 Story. This means that if you have not been that active on this social media platform, and you haven’t had a bunch of snaps in 2019 you will probably not get the opportunity to use this particular feature.

Why is the A Year in Review feature so cool?

Well, the answer is quite simple; we like being reminded of some cool and interesting events that have occurred throughout the year. The trust of the matter is that most things we are willing to share with outers are positive and happy moments, so our Snaps compared all year round are going to bring us only the nice bits and that will make the entire year seem happier and more fulfilling. And that is exactly what we need, who wants to remember the bad and unpleasant events, it is not good for your health. This is why you would stick to the more heartwarming and happy memories of 2019 that your Snaps are bringing. Using social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat enables you to get a glimpse of all the good things that happened during those long 365days. We tend to forget details, or even completely erase some memories. This is why having the opportunity to be reminded of some of them, especially the select a few great ones is something everyone likes and feels good about. And luckily these social media moguls hear the needs of their users and do their best to provide them with the top-quality A Year in Review videos, ones that will draw out a smile on the cloudiest of days.

And don't worry about the special end-of-year story completely disappearing. Snapchat has made it possible that once you have viewed it, you are able to save it for good to the Stories section in your Memories. In addition, there is also the option of sending it to your family and friends as well as posting it to your public Story. This is one Snapchat feature you don’t want to miss on. Especially if you have had a well-documented and inspiring year, one that you want to recall and live through again. So, check your Memories section and see if Snapchat has prepared one just for you. You are guaranteed to feel warm and cozy while remembering all the good things that had happened to you this memorable 2019. And given that it is a limited time thing, you should probably hurry up.